Friday, 3 February 2012


It was now new years eve and having a sneaky feeling that the fish where about to have a munch  plus the weather was extremely  mild to say it was december  ,I decided to have a quite new year and get back on the bank  the next morning.
I managed to get down to manton around mid morning ,driving stright round to the Point swim i sat in the hut  for ten mins not taking my eyes off the water for a second and nothing happened. I had a feeling that the fish were around this area having the 21  common a few days before from the Highbank swim which shares the water infront of the point, i could easily get the baits on the same spots and also gave me different line lay .Withing the half hour a had two baits on the spots ,the left hand rod was 14ft a nice soft spot of slit,I fished a stiff hinged rig with a 18mm hand rolled C1 cork ball pop up 2 inch off the deck .The middle rod got fished in 12ft of water just at the end of  a bar where it was nice and firm and the cast went with a right DONK , My standed blow back bottom bait was fished with a 14mm C1 topped off with alittle yellow foam. A Spread of  around 2kg of C1 14mm and 18mm where sticked around the spots ,The third rod went out to the island spot ive had good success from ,That went out on a  C1 bottom bait with a hand full of freebies and it was time to sit and wait ...........

The night passed quick without so much of a bleep so around 8am i banged the rods back out on the spots put the kettle on and then it started, heavy liners where occurring and the wind picked up just a tad it looked really good now for a bite and still really mild .I decided to pack afew bits up like the bivvy  and as soon as i took the last peg  out the ground the middle rod souned a bleep followed by the line tighting up as the delkim went in to melt down 'Fish On' ,As i picked the rod up the fish seemed to just plod around  in the deep water then stright towards me ,as i got it under the rod tip it was  pretty much under control steering the fish towards the net cored ,looking in the net i was greeted  with a nice chunky mirror .On the scales she went 28.14 second fish on the C1 withing days. I got acouple snaps and abit of footage and slip her back.I got the rod bang on the spot again and the kettle went on.
I sat for a hour or so watching the water for signs ,I started  put the rest of the gear away and it was now mid afternoon and the sun was out i was just puuting the mat to dry when out of nowhere the left hand rod pulled tight with afew bleeps then the line started to peel off the spool, Holding the spool i picked up the rod and the fish felt alot heavier then the first  and was starting to take line ,i managed to get control of the fish  turning it towards me ,it was then under the tip getting a quick glance of a common it was a good bettle under the tip lasting a good 10 mins finaly slip it over the net was the cut tail common.
The fish was on the mat and then up the scales and went 30lb dead a new PB common i was over the moon ,Third fish on the C1 and and in the middle of winter.My confidance in the bait was very high to start with and now it was now putting fish on the bank  . As you could imagine I had a smile like a cheshire cat  and the Text's and phone calls went out ............My target on the lake was to catch a 30+ common out the lake and it was the last fish to catch  ,I probably won't go back to Manton as ive dropped my ticket this season but i ended on i high note ,In total in the 2 years i fished the old lake i managed to snare 40+ carp afew of these were repeat catches also having the all the Ateam out with Arine topping the list at 38.4lb ......

Its now time to move on.................................  

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Just before xmas i joined a new bait company not well known but rolls good quility bait, which made it more intresting is that i was to help create the bait am testing no .After alittle bit of tweaking we managed to get a bait that i was happy with ,,,,,C1 ,this bait the follow up from the famous V2 that did plenty of fish last season to 45lb.

My first trip out with the bait was to the old lake down at Manton linc's the week between xmas and new year ,As i got to the lake i knew that my mate rich was there in point jusrt setting up for i couple nights we both knew that the lake hadn't done a fish for some time  and today of all day's it looked really well .I settled in the swim called the high bank were i knew the fish normaly hold up  and i also knew that there was an deep area out infront of the swim .I got the baits out one in the hole in around 14ft  and the one rod just out it in 10 ft of water both rods wemt down with a good Donk  and the third went next to the island.C1 bottom baits with a tiny bit of yellow foam to top them off for visability.I spread about 2.5kg of bait over the spots ,The night then passed and it was just getting into mid afternoon and the Middle rod suddenly let out afew beeps and the went into melt down ...i grab the rod and procreeded to play the fish for 10mins or soo,the fight was waek the fish just plodding around in open water ,i then got it under control and steered it towards the net ,'GET IN ' The first fish on the new bait pukka .....nice comon which took the scales round to 21.8 well happy with that ..........Nothing else happen the follow night and morning but none the lass i was buzzing and very confident in the C1 .With that i decide to put alitle bait in and would return a week later ..................

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Pit Life .............

It's been afew weeks since my last post , I've been busy  with work as i have stepped up to a managerial postion.As for the fishing ....i;ve still managed to get two nights a week down on pit 6 and with my cousin from uo north down he planned to do the 48 with first thing tuesday morning we loadded up the car and took rhe short trip down the A1 to the pits.As we got to pit6 the wind was smashing the A1 bank , it was a warm one  and after afew head popped out infront of the the "little point " i was soon casting the marker out and settled for a spot at 70 yrds choddie and procreeded to put 20 spods out and cast two baits out on the money and the third was sent out with a white kipper pop op three rod lenghs off the baited spot . just two hours later the pop up rod was away an resulted in a fast battle to the net and the only fish of the session 26lb common,as the wind turn the fish followed.

As am running out of time now i will continue this post in the next few days.As i say am very busy with work at the moment ....jimmy

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pit 6

With a new target in mind it was off  down the A1 to south muskham pits for my first session on pit 6. The fish rattling on my mind is a pair of commons that sit around the upper 30's bracket awesome looking pair.
 I met up with couple of guys who have fished the pit for afew year and picked there brains about the venue,after a chat and walk around to one corner where the wind was due to turn into.The area looked good and with a warm wind forecast the next day i decided to drop in that area.the marker went out found a clearish spot around 70rds and place 2 rods on it and spodded a mixture of seed and kipper boilers  over the the spot.

24 hr had past the wind had changed and was banging stright on it my swim,the fish started showing at about 150yrds  and slowly moved there way over the spots.Ben in the next swim had manged three doubles.I decide to put abit more bait out via the spod due to the amount of fish in the swim and over the baited area, The rods went back with freash baits and ahour later i got my first pick up.When i hit into it i felt afew  bumps and then dropped the fish too a hook pull ....gutterd.The night then set in and so did the wind.It was one hell of a windy night but just as i got my head down  the middle rod went into melt down ,waders on and it was down to the rods the fish didn't feel big but none the less i had to concentrate on landing this one ,a quick bettle and a scoop with the net reveiled a 14.9 common and first fish of the campagne.
As soon had i'd landed the first fish the left hander was away after getting a soaking  and blown all over the bank i land another common at 25.2 .With the moon up in the sky and shinning bright as day  i spodded out  anothe 5-8  kg of seeds and kipper as the spod land there were fish bashing out in the ring the spod was creating it looked pukka for another fish or two.
Just as light broke the left rod was off again and was rewarded with another double at 19.2.As the session came to a close i was well happy with me first 48hour on pit 6 and can't wait to get back on there and get my teeth into it ,hopefully soon I  will come across the big girls ut tight lines for now .


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Getting amongst them on the new bait and a special day for a friend !

Since my last post ive being amongst the fish landing three fish to 30.2 all falling to the new bait ive been using from assassin %age,these fish came from a two day session on the old lake at manton and a confidance boost if i can be truthful. My first fish of the session was a repete catch of the old big linear and at a very nice 28.2  after spawning it was a slow take in the night around 2am,after along battle i steered the fish over the net cord ,first fish pukka!I then went too land another 22 mirror around two hours later i was well buzzed the bait had only going in afew days before and they got there heads down on it stright away ,both fish fell to the bottom bait rig ive been using with confidance in all my fishing just as late but that was about to change when it result in a couple of dogdy pick ups and a hook pull.I decide to use the same style rig and just change the hook pattern from the wide gape to a size 8 longshank x .
Hours then past and i'd not seen a fish for at least 4 hours ,it was then anhour before dark a big lump rolled in the next swim so i decided to move swims in the dark and manged to drop acouple of baits around the area were id seen the fish roll ,It was just 3 hours until i received a slow take .As i pick the rod up i knew i was it was a lump ploding left to right in the moon light ,drawing the fish towards the net,on the mat and then the scales went round to 30.2 so i  poped it into the retainer until first light  ,
As the sun came up the shots were take and the fish turned out to be incribable Pinscale an awesome looker and a rae vist to the bank first time over 30, well happy with this result .The bait and the change of hook creatated a batter hook hold and that has boosted my confidance that my hook chocie. 

Well done to my mate rich who landed an new PB and lake recored 45.2 (arnie) comes after 15 blanks and his sixth fish of the season ,he managed to get that run of a liftime.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

First Post

Tuesday saw me drive down cleethorpes and meet the lads of assassin baits and got to check out the baits and afew out the new range which i can say are going to be big catch baits full of the the wright ingrediants , after a brew and a good chat with the lads , i grabed 4kg of  %age and made my way  down manton for 2 nights were i was chasing fish that didn't want to no , moving swims three times to try an trick one on but all i resulted in was a 38lb catfish at half 3 wednesday morning. so its back down monday to try again hopfully they will get on the new bait .....keep you posted

tight lines